Sindicatos denuncian agresión de interno a funcionario en prisión de Badajoz.

Sindicatos denuncian agresión de interno a funcionario en prisión de Badajoz.

CSIF and Acaip-UGT unions have reported "a new violent aggression" of an inmate towards a prison officer at the Badajoz Penitentiary Center last Friday, May 5th. The incident occurred at around 11:30 am when a prisoner who "has already caused several disturbances during his time at this center" was being escorted to the Nursing Department to receive medical attention.

During the aforementioned transfer, "as a consequence of serious actions he himself caused in the module where he resides, suddenly, unexpectedly and deliberately, he delivered a strong punch to the right ear of one of the accompanying officers, and engaged in a scuffle with the Head of Service, throwing both to the ground", according to a CSIF press release issued on Sunday.

All of this prompted the immediate intervention of other colleagues who witnessed the event. The inmate was subdued with the minimum force necessary and subsequently put into solitary confinement.

The assaulted officer had to be assisted by medical services at the penitentiary center due to the strong impact he received and later had to be reviewed at a hospital.

The unions have shown solidarity with the worker and have congratulated the intervening colleagues for their "professionalism", thereby avoiding "what could have become a situation with greater consequences." In addition, they have requested the "urgent transfer of the aggressor to another center more suitable for this type of profile."

This new episode has served to reiterate the unions' complaints about the "lack of human and material resources," as well as the "serious deterioration of penitentiary health care," and they demand "the urgent reactivation of the recognition of the authority of all penitentiary workers, which is currently lying dormant due to the passivity of the Administration."